Intranet Calendars

An intranet is a private network that is only accessible by a certain network or organization.

If you are embedding your calendar on an intranet site and you want your calendar to remain private, then you shouldn't share your calendar publicly. A publicly shared calendar means that anyone can see your calendar and may even be indexed by search engines.

To keep your calendar private and to not force visitors to log into a Keep&Share account to see it, then we recommend turning on the Private Sharing Link (DAL) for your calendar.

The DAL is a unique link that is automatically generated for each of the calendars in your account and you can find and enable this link in the Share Control.

To embed your calendar in an intranet site follow these steps:

  1. Click on the gray "Share" button in the blue bar above your calendar
  2. Turn on the Direct Access Link for your calendar
  3. Click on the green "Save & Exit" button to save your changes
  4. Click on the gray "Customize" button in the blue bar above your calendar
  5. Click on the "Embed my calendar" tab
  6. Choose whether you want to embed a "Fixed" or "Responsive" calendar
  7. Copy the embed code for your calendar
  8. Paste that embed code into your intranet web page

Now only the people with access to your intranet website will be able to view the calendar. The copied embed code will include the Private Sharing Link as part of the code, allowing the calendar to be displayed privately.