Linking Overview

Keep&Share automatically creates a custom link for any of your applications, including documents, calendars, folders, photos, and more. These links are generated whenever you save a new application within your account.

Most of the links for your applications will be accessed through Keep&Share’s “Customize and Share” screen. Using these custom links from Keep&Share is the fastest and easiest way to share your information on your website or blog.

Why use Keep&Share links

There are several advantages to using Keep&Share specific links rather than simply pasting your information on websites:

1) Shorter URL – Keep&Share provides you two options with linking most of your applications: a longer URL, and a shorter URL. The reason we give you a shorter URL option is that occassionally short URLs are easier to work with. For social media services that have limited characters such as Twitter, short URLs give you the ability to post links using as few characters as possible. Short URLs are also easier to use in emails. Sometimes if a longer URL is split into two lines on an email the URL may lead to the wrong address as part of the link has been cut off.

2) Activity Reports – If your linked application is shared privately, you can use Keep&Share’s “Friends’ Activity Report” to see who has accessed your bookmark and when.