Getting Started

One of the greatest features of Keep&Share is its powerful sharing capability. Almost every element of Keep&Share is customizable and can be shared not only with other members of Keep&Share, but also with anyone on the Internet. We provide you with a complete set of elements that allow you to embed or link your information from Keep&Share on other websites and blogs.

By using Keep&Share to host portions of your website you gain the advantages of a “content management system.” Your Keep&Share account hosts the information and in turn that information is easily updated within your Keep&Share account. Any changes made to your information will instantly be reflected on any websites that you have linked or embedded your information on.

Customizing your information

When it comes to linking or embedding your information, or even customizing your information within Keep&Share, we give you several tools to make sure your applications show up exactly as you want them to.

Using URL parameters, iframes, and basic CSS and HTML you have complete control over the look, the functions, and the size of your embedded or linked applications. You can even use these tools to add more custom codes or information within your Keep&Share applications.

Sharing Publicly

When you are embedding or linking your information on websites and pages outside of your Keep&Share account, be sure that the Share Control on any of your applications (documents, calendars, etc.) has been set to “Public.” Otherwise, anyone who is not logged into Keep&Share will not be able to see your linked or embedded information.

However, if you want to keep your information private, anyone who tries to see your information will instead see a Keep&Share login box. If you have shared your information with that person, then they will be able to see your shared information once they have logged into their Keep&Share account.