Embedding Overview

Keep&Share provides you with the ability to embed any application (such as Photo Albums, Documents, Calendars, etc.) that you have created or uploaded anywhere on the web.

"Embedding" is whenever you are posting your applications into other websites or blogs. You can embed individual items (ex. a single photo) or groups of items (ex. a folder of documents) using a snippet of code generated by Keep&Share. This code can be copy and pasted into the HTML source of your web page.

Using our embedding codes

For our application embedding codes, we use iframes. An iframe is an internal frame that embeds one document within another HTML document.

One of the benefits of using an iframe when embedding Keep&Share applications is that any time you make an edit to items in your account, those changes will immediately be reflected in your anywhere you have embedded your application. All changes to items in your account will be modified instantly the second you click the “save” button in your account.

Another benefit to using our embedding codes is that they can be modified using simple HTML and CSS tags. For example, if you want to change the width and height of the iframe, you can do so.

Note: Please keep in mind that all of our embedding codes are browser session based. This means that if you try to use multiple embed codes on one web page, the settings for one embed code may override the settings of the others.

Where to paste the embed code

You should paste the copied embed code into the page of your site on which you want the application (Calendar, Document, etc.) to appear. Be sure to paste it into the “HTML” tab or view of your site editor. The iFrame code has both width and height parameters that you can change so that you can make sure the embedded application fits in your website.

All of your configuration screen choices are placed in your embed code as parameters. Therefore, if you paste the embed code into a web page and later go back and make changes on the configuration screen, you should re-copy out the new embed code and use it to replace the old code on your web page. You do not need to re-copy-and-paste the embed code after making changes to the content of your Calendar, for example day notes or events.

Embedding publicly shared items

When you are embedding any Keep&Share applications, be sure that the Share Control for those items has been set to “Public.” If your embedded applications have been shared publicly, then anyone can view your items embedded on your web page, whether or not those viewers have a Keep&Share account.

However, if you do not want everyone to have access to your embedded applications, then set the sharing for those items to “Private.” By doing this, a Keep&Share log in box will display in the embedded iframe rather than the information that you embedded.

Once visitors have logged into Keep&Share and if you have shared your embedded item with them, they will be able to see your embedded item in the iframe.